AMD Display Library (ADL) v15.0 out now

ADL v15.0 brings new and restructured APIs, and more documentation

The AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK is designed to access low-level display driver functionality for AMD Radeon™ and AMD FirePro™ graphics cards. 

We’re delighted to announce our latest update, v15.0, which brings several significant updates:

  • The SDK has been renewed with improved layout and documentation.
  • ADL APIs are further restructured based on specific functionality.
  • New APIs: More than 100 ADL APIs are exposed in the public section.

We’ve also got two new samples for you:

  • AMDDisplayTool: This user interface sample demonstrates configuring different display-specific features. The list includes specific features for:
    • Virtual Super Resolution.
    • FreeSync.
    • GPU scaling.
    • Color depth.
    • Pixel format.
    • Color (brightness, hue, saturation, and contrast).

    This sample also provides a way to configure global Chill toggle functionality. The UI interface is localized based on the default UI language if it is in the supported language list.

  • PXRunningApps: This sample demonstrates how to list currently running applications on PowerXpress/Hybrid Graphics platform.

We’ve also made some bug fixes – see the ADL GitHub release notes for details on these.

Find out more about ADL

The AMD Display Library (ADL) SDK is designed to access display driver functionality for AMD Radeon™ and AMD FirePro™ graphics cards.

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