We are pleased to announce our latest release of performance and quality optimizations for the most widely-used versions of Unreal Engine. As well as updates for Unreal Engine 4.25 for most of our existing features, we’ve also added support for FidelityFX LPM (Luminance Preserving Mapper) which provides arithmetic-based tone and gamut mapping for a wide range of input and output color spaces.

Take a look at what’s included:

  •  The addition of FidelityFX LPM:
    • LPM is integrated with AMD FreeSync display technology.
    • Use of FP16 within LPM optimizes performance further when using Vulkan®.
  • FidelityFX CAS is now available up to Unreal Engine 4.25.
  • Bug fixes, and added support up to UE 4.25 for the following:

Follow the link below to see the full feature patch table on our Unreal Engine page. You will need to be a registered Unreal Engine developer to access any of the patches.

Unreal Engine
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