Radeon Memory Visualizer

Radeon™ Memory Visualizer is now Open Source

We’re pleased to announce that we have now made the source code for Radeon™ Memory Visualizer (RMV) available, under the MIT license. By using RMV, you can gain a deeper understanding of how your application uses memory for graphics resources. 

We initially released RMV in May 2020, and it has already secured its position as one of our most popular tools. Last month we released v1.1. This latest version was also incorporated into our new Radeon™ Developer Tool Suite package, combining it with the latest versions of Radeon™ GPU Profiler (RGP), Radeon™ GPU Analyzer (RGA), and the Radeon™ Developer Panel (RDP).

The repo can be cloned using git or the source code can be downloaded as a .zip file. Full instructions on how to build RMV are included in the README.md file.

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Learn more about RMV

Radeon™ Memory Visualizer (RMV) is a tool to allow you to gain a deep understanding of how your application uses memory for graphics resources.

Radeon™ Memory Visualizer (RMV) is a tool provided by AMD for use by game engine developers. It allows engineers to examine, diagnose, and understand the GPU memory management within their projects.

Radeon Memory Visualizer V1.1 introduces support for aliased resources, and allows selection of a resource in the memory leak finder pane.

The Radeon™ Developer Tool Suite combines our Radeon™ GPU Profiler, Radeon™ Memory Visualizer, Radeon™ GPU Analyzer, and Radeon™ Developer Panel in one handy package.

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