Back in May, as part of the relaunch of our GPUOpen website, we released four new FidelityFX effects, to join our already widely-used FidelityFX CAS (Contrast Adaptive Sharpening) effect. 

Today, we’re making these shiny new effects even better! We’ve just introduced Vulkan® support to: 

  • FidelityFX SSSR (Stochastic Screen Space Reflections). 
  • FidelityFX LPM (Luminance Preserving Mapper). 
  • FidelityFX CACAO (Combined Adaptive Compute Ambient Occlusion).

Don’t worry – we can count! Our other new effect we released in May – FidelityFX SPD (Single Pass Downsampler) – already supports Vulkan®. The latest features we’ve added to it today deserve their own news post; you can find out about FidelityFX SPD v2.0 here.

Learn more about these updated effects with the links below:

Not only that, but to support these updates, we’ve also released version 1.2 of Cauldron. This is our framework library for rapid prototyping using either the Vulkan® or Direct3D® 12 APIs. 

The Cauldron v1.2 update has the following features:

  • The benchmarking mode can now save screenshots for every keyframe (DX12).
  • Extensions can be enabled from the app side (VK).
  • Uses DXC for HLSL code (DX12/VK).
  • Texture loading and MIP generation now uses multithreading (DX12/VK).
  • Pipeline generation and shader compiling use now multithreading (DX12/VK).
Find out more and download the latest version of Cauldron here:

Radeon™ Cauldron Framework

Radeon Cauldron is our open-source experimentation framework for DirectX®12 and Vulkan®, provided in the AMD FidelityFX SDK.