We have recently announced support for GPU Work Graphs (GWG) in Microsoft DirectX® 12. You can read that post on AMD blog, here.  

This time we’re looking at how this feature can be used in Vulkan. As of today, Work Graphs have not yet been standardized across hardware vendors and we’re providing an experimental AMD extension to access the functionality.

“We’re looking forward to experimenting with GPU Work Graphs using the VK_AMDX_shader_enqueue extension.  Having early access to the extension gives us the ability to try out new ideas and rendering approaches and provide feedback as GPU Work Graphs hopefully move towards becoming a more widespread standard.” 
Dan Ginsburg, Graphics Developer, Valve 

To learn more and see usage examples, check out the resources below:  

NOTE: Validation layers support is not available for the extension at this time.

We’re excited to bring this new programming paradigm to Vulkan® and look forward to sharing more GPU Work Graphs updates in the future. 


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