FidelityFX Media Delivery System

The FidelityFX Media Delivery System is a tool distributed as part of the FidelityFX SDK package and is used to download, verify and extract the media bundles used to run the SDK samples.

Using the Media Delivery System

The current version of the Media Delivery System is kept in the /sdk/tools/media_delivery folder.

To use it, drive it from the UpdateMedia.bat or ClearMediaCache.bat files in the SDK root folder. Those batch files will get a known media bundle or clear the download cache respectively.

The following arguments and options will allow you to use the system outside of those two ways:

Command line syntax:

“MediaDelivery.exe [Options]”





Show the complete usage of the tool.


Delete all cached media bundles.


Enabled debug mode (only available in internal builds).


Download a media bundle without extracting it.


Skip confirmation when the media directory will be overwritten and always extract the bundle.


The hostname to connect to (only available in internal builds, defaults to


Set the root directory of the FidelityFX SDK (defaults to the current working directory).


The SHA256 hash of the media bundle you want to download.


Downloads the most recent stable media bundle.


Downloads the most recent unstable media bundle.