FidelityFX Parallel Sort

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This sample demonstrates the use of the FidelityFX Parallel Sort effect.

For details on the technique that underpins the FidelityFX Parallel Sort effect you can refer to the respective technique documentation .


Windows DirectX(R)12 Vulkan(R)

UI elements

The sample contains various UI elements to help you explore the technique it demonstrates. The table below summarises the UI elements and what they control within the sample.

Element name



Buffer Resolution

1920x1080, 2560x1440, 3840x2160

Toggles between the various key buffer sizes to sort through.

Render Sorted Keys


Toggles the output buffer to show in the validation step. Unchecked renders the unsorted buffer, checked renders the image with the sorted keys.

Sort Playload


Toggles whether we are only sorting keys, or also sorting an accompanying payload.

Use Indirect Execution


Toggles between direct and indirect compute execution of the sort algorithm.

Sample Controls and Configurations

For sample controls, configuration and Cauldron UI element details, please see Running the samples

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