Checks if VSync is enabled on a GPU.



ADLX_RESULT     IsEnabled (adlx_bool* enabled)


  1. [out] enabled adlx_bool* The pointer to a variable where the state of VSync is returned. The variable is true if VSync is enabled. The variable is false if VSync is not enabled.

Return Value

If the state of VSync is successfully returned, ADLX_OK is returned.

If the state of VSync is not successfully returned, an error code is returned.

Refer to ADLX_RESULT for success codes and error codes.

Additional Info

VSync synchronizes the transition to a new frame of animation with the display update so no tearing is visible between frames.

Limits the frame rate at the display’s refresh rate.

Note : VSync configuration is dependent on the state of AMD Radeon™ Enhanced Sync.

If AMD Radeon Enhanced Sync is enabled, VSync is automatically disabled.

If AMD Radeon Enhanced Sync is disabled, VSync is automatically enabled.



include “I3DSettings.h”

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