Initializing ADLX with function pointers

Use the functions provided in the ADLX SDK to load ADLX into the application. Once ADLX is loaded, the function pointer can be located to call the applicable ADLX Initialization function to provide access to the ADLX System interface.

To access the ADLX System interface using function pointers,

  1. Load the ADLX library using adlx_load_library as provided in the ADLX SDK.

  2. Find the applicable ADLX Initialization function pointer using adlx_get_proc_address .

  3. Call the ADLX Initialization function.

    Result: If the initialization function call is successful, it returns the pointer providing access to IADLXSystem interface and ADLX functionality.

  4. Access the IADLXSystem interface.

    Result: Access to ADLX functionality is provided.

    Note: When loading ADLX in an ADL application, the IADLMapping interface is accessible. This interface provides data mapping between ADL and ADLX for a specific entity (GPU, Display or Desktop).