Checks if custom resolution is supported on a display.


ADLX_RESULT     IsSupported (adlx_bool* supported)


  1. [out] supported adlx_bool* The pointer to a variable where the custom resolution support status is returned. The variable is true if custom resolution is supported. The variable is false if custom resolution is not supported.

Return Value 

If the custom resolution status is successfully returned, ADLX_OK is returned.

If the custom resolution status is not successfully returned, an error code is returned.

Refer to ADLX_RESULT for success codes and error codes.

Additional Info 

Applying custom resolution in certain games and applications may provide a better user experience. Consult the display user manual for specifications and compatibility information before use.

Note : Displays running in duplicate or Eyefinity mode do not support custom resolutions.



include “IDisplaySettings.h”

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