Quick Start

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The Quick Start guide is designed to help developers build applications using the ADLX API in one of the supported programming languages, and covers the basic steps needed to initialize the API, retrieve device information, and access device resources.

ADLX Quick Start Guide

Follow these steps to start programming with ADLX.


  • ADLX SDK is installed.


  1. If your application is in C#, Java, or Python, develop bindings for ADLX for the associated programming language. Proceed to Step 2 if your application is in C or C++.

  2. Load the ADLX library code within the application code, and call the desired initialization function as provided in the ADLX SDK.

  3. Use the ADLX System interface provided by the initialization function to access other ADLX features.

ADLX SDK Installation

The library is installed with the display driver, and the ADLX SDK consisting of the following is available on AMD GPUOpen.

This includes:

  • ADLX headers with definitions of all types, constants, functions, and interfaces required to program with ADLX

  • ADLX helper code simplifying the ADLX loading and unloading process in C++, C, C#, Java, and Python

  • ADLX samples demonstrating full ADLX functionality in C++ and in C, as well as select functionality in C#, Java, and Python

  • SDK developer documentation