Gets the virtual EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) of a display.


ADLX_RESULT     EDID (const char** edid)


  1. [out] edid const char** The pointer to a zero-terminated buffer where the display EDID data is returned.

Return Value 

If the virtual EDID is successfully returned, ADLX_OK is returned.

If the virtual EDID is not successfully returned, an error code is returned.

Refer to ADLX_RESULT for success codes and error codes.


EDID is a standardized metadata programmed into the display device by the manufacturer and is used for interoperability by video sources to discover the capabilities and information about the display device. VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) defines the standard for the EDID data.

Additional Info 

The returned memory buffer is valid within the lifetime of the IADLXDisplay interface. If the application uses the EDID beyond the lifetime of the IADLXDisplay IADLXDisplay interface, the application must make a copy of the EDID.



include “IDisplays.h”

Minimum version