C++ Samples

This document describes how to build the ADLX C++ samples and the environment in which they can be executed. The ADLX C++ samples are organized per domain, and they demonstrate the entire ADLX functionality.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows® 10 (32- and 64-bit versions) and up.

Build Tool

Visual Studio 2019 with C and C++ components for desktop.


  • ADLX SDK is installed.

Note: The ADLX library is installed along with the AMD display driver.

Build Instructions

  1. Run Visual Studio 2019.

  2. Click File > Open > CMake.

  3. Select the ~Samples\CPP folder from the Address bar in the pop-up dialog box.

  4. Select CMakeLists.txt in ~ADLX\Samples\CPP and click Open.

  5. Select vs2019_Release_x64 in the Configuration drop-down.

  6. Click Switch between available views > CMake Targets view in the Solution Explorer.

  7. Click Samples Project and expand the list of samples. Right-click on the required sample and click Set As Startup Item. For example, DisplayInfo.exe.

  8. Right-click on the same sample and click Build.

  9. Run the sample.