Checks if an AMD Eyefinity desktop can be created with all the enabled displays.



ADLX_RESULT     IsSupported (adlx_bool* supported)


  1. [out] supported adlx_bool* The pointer to a variable where the state of AMD Eyefinity desktop creation is returned. The variable is true if AMD Eyefinity desktop creation is supported. The variable is false if AMD Eyefinity desktop creation is not supported.

Return Value

If the state is successfully returned, ADLX_OK is returned.

If the state is not successfully returned, an error code is returned.

Refer to ADLX_RESULT for success codes and error codes.


AMD Eyefinity desktops can be created with ADLX using all the enabled displays connected to the AMD GPUs, except LCD panel displays. For more information about AMD GPUs, refer to ADLX GPU Support . Use DisplayType to check if a display is an LCD panel.

All the desktops must be single desktops. Use Type to check if a desktop is a single desktop.

All the enabled displays must be connected to the same GPU.

The AMD Eyefinity desktop configuration must be supported by the AMD driver. Driver support varies depending on the GPU.



include “IDesktops.h”

Minimum version