Initializes ADLX with an ADL context.



ADLX_RESULT  InitializeWithCallerAdl (adlx_handle adlContext, ADLX_ADL_Main_Memory_Free  adlMainMemoryFree)


  1. [in] adlContext adlx_handle The ADL context.

  2. [in] adlMainMemoryFree ADLX_ADL_Main_Memory_Free The callback handler of the memory deallocation.

Return Value

If InitializeWithCallerAdl is successfully executed, ADLX_OK is returned.

If InitializeWithCallerAdl is not successfully executed, an error code is returned.

If ADLX was previously successfully initialized with any of the Initialize versions, ADLX_ALREADY_INITIALIZED is returned.

Refer to ADLX_RESULT for success codes and error codes.


This method is used when an application also uses ADL. A typical scenario is the application is transitioning from ADL to ADLX with some programming already completed with ADL.

In such case, the application shall pass the parameters in this method that corresponds to the current ADL initialization already in use, which are: an ADL context and a callback for the memory deallocation when ADL was initialized.

For more information for initializing ADLX with an ADL context, refer to Using ADLX in an ADL application .



include “ADLXHelper/Windows/Cpp/ADLXHelper.h”

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