Develop applications with greater ease and efficiency with ADLX, featuring improved stability and maintenance, and more functionality than ADL.

  • High standard of quality assurance from AMD. All ADLX functions and methods are extensively tested on a wide range of hardware to assure quality.

  • Accelerated time-to-market. Simplified and cost-effective interfaces allow for accelerated customer software development.

  • Forward and backward compatibility with AMD drivers. Significantly reduced field issues by implementing architecture built with compatibility checks and switches.

  • Extended functionality and use case support. Expanded functionality over ADL, and inclusion of the latest control and monitoring features available for AMD hardware and drivers.

  • Compatible with modern programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, etc. ADLX can be integrated with a larger selection of programming languages.




Simple Interface

✅ Intuitive C++ interfaces with methods

❌ Inconvenient C-style function pointers

GPU & Display Enumeration

✅ Intuitive representation

❌ Complicated representation

Memory Management

✅ Virtually leak-proof with reference-counted interfaces and smart pointers

❌ Leak-prone with C-style dynamic memory management

Events Synchronization

✅ Convenient ADLX events for all the features in ADLX

❌ Limited events. Applications must implement the events manager


✅ Forward and backward compatibility with AMD drivers

❌ Limited


✅ More interfaces

❌ Alternate function pointers